Have you lost your Dog?

To report a lost dog contact our Duty Officers at Worcestershire Regulatory Services on 01905 822799 between the hours of 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri. Or use our on-line Lost Dog Form.

All stray dogs picked up by WRS Dog Wardens will have their details (breed, colour size etc.) recorded, a duty officer will be able to check if a dog matching the description of your dog has been found in the Worcestershire area or the north Gloucestershire Districts of Cheltenham, Gloucester City or Tewkesbury.

Stray Dogs

Unsupervised dogs are a hazard. They can cause a danger to traffic, they may foul, they may attack people or other animals and they may also get injured or killed themselves. Dog owners can be fined if their dogs are picked up by our Dog Wardens and they can be prosecuted by the Police if their dogs cause a road traffic accident. The Police can also get involved if a dog displays aggressive behaviour to a human or it attacks livestock. However, if a dog attacks someone else’s pet (such as another dog or a cat) then this would be a civil matter between the animals’ owners.


Dog owners are legally required to ensure that their dog wears a collar with an identity tag detailing the owner’s name, address and telephone number, in addition it is compulsory that your dog is microchipped and for the microchip details are kept up to date and if you move or change telephone number or if the dog changed ownership. This is a legal requirement.

What happens to Strays?

In most cases dogs seized or collected by the Dog Warden will be taken to the kennels used by the Council to board our strays. If the dog is micro-chipped or the owner can be identified, all reasonable effort will be taken to contact the owner or serve a notice where applicable. Once at the kennels the dog will remain there for 7 clear days unless claimed by its owner. If the owner does not come forward and the dog can be re-homed all efforts will be taken to do so. When the owner is identified, they will be required to go to their local Councils Contact Centres as where the procedure for claiming the dog back is started enabling them to collect their dog.

What do I do if I see a stray?

To report a stray dog contact our Duty Officers at Worcestershire Regulatory Services on 01905 822799 between the hours of 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri. Outside office hours dog warden service of these days and times for the council areas of Worcester City, Malvern Hills, Wychavon and ring Worcestershire Tele Care phone.png01562 733180 For Redditch and Bromsgrove ring phone.png01527 67666 For Wyre Forest please ring Community Housing Group phone.png01562 850053 For Cheltenham ring phone.png 07767 352274 For Tewkesbury ring phone.png01684 293445 For Gloucester ring phone.png01452 396220

If a dog is let out or is able to escape on a regular basis then please telephone and tell us about it.

We will ask you to keep written records to aid us in our investigation. If you tell us who owns the dog we can also write to them to remind them of their responsibilities. We will seize persistent strays wherever possible

What if I have a dog which strays and I need help?

Contact us on 01905 822799. Our dog wardens can give practical advice on the dog’s home environment and any training that may be required. If you no longer want to keep your dog or are struggling to manage with your dog we can assist you in finding a new home for it.

What if I find a stray and I want to keep it?

This is possible, but you must contact us so that we can make all efforts to find the owner. We will complete some paperwork with you, check that you will provide a suitable home and give you any advice you may need with regard to caring for the dog. If we cannot find the owner and they do not come forward, after 31 days the dog becomes legally yours.


Advice for dog owners regarding dog barking

PDF Version

Dog Straying

PDF Version

Animal Welfare Act 2006

PDF Version

Don't let your dog get hot under the collar this summer

PDF Version

Dog Fouling

PDF Version

Keep pets safe on bonfire Night

PDF Version

Stray dog charges for all Districts

Stray Dogs seized during the day
Birmingham Cheltenham Gloucester Bromsgrove Redditch Malvern Tewkesbury Worcester Wychavon Wyre Forest
Collection Charge (1st hour) £35 £35 £30
Collection charge (2nd hour and subsequent hours or part of) £25 £25 £15
Dangerous Dog collection charge (1st hour) £45 £45 £40
Dangerous Dog collection charge (2nd hour and subsequent hours or part of) £22.50 £22.50 £20
Statutory Fine £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25
Administration Charge £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
Kennelling Fee (per day) £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
Kennelling fee for Dangerous Dog (per day) £20 £20 £25 £25 £25 £20 £25 £25 £25
Vet or Welfare Charges (charged at cost incurred) At Cost
Treatment (£10 each for any worming or flea treatment necessary) At Cost
Repeat Offender Charge £25 N/A £30 £30 £30 N/A £30 £30 £30
Return Charge (only between 09.00 - 17.00 hrs) £30 £30 Not available Not available Not available £30 Not available Not available Not available
Stray Dogs seized Out of Hours
Collection Charge (1st hour) £35 £35 £40 £40 £40 £30 £40 £40 £40
Collection Charge (2nd hour and subsequent hours or part of) £25 £25 N/A N/A N/A £15 N/A N/A N/A
Dangerous Dog Collection Charge (1st hour) £45 £45

Dangerous Dog Collection Charge (2nd hour and subsequent hours or part of)

£22.50 £22.50
Statutory Fine £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25
Administration Charge £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
Kennelling Fee (per day) £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
Kennelling Fee for Dangerous Dog (per day) £20 £20 £20 £20
Out of Hours Call Handling Fee £5

Customer Contact Centre Details for Payment of Dog Fees:

Cheltenham, Gloucester City and Tewkesbury Districts

Please contact the Duty Officers on 01905 822799 if you wish to make a credit card payment by telephone or will advise you of alternative options available to you.

Redditch And Bromsgrove

Redditch One Stop Shop & Contact Centre
Alcester Street,

B98 8AH

01527 534123

Email: Redditch Contact Centre

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue & Thurs: 09:00am – 5:30pm Wed: 10:00am – 5:30pm
Fri: 09:00am – 5:00pm

Bromsgrove Customer Service Centre
Market Place
B61 8DA

01527 881288

Email: Bromsgrove Customer Service

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri: 09:00am – 5:00pm
Thurs: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Wyre Forest

Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre
The Hub
Green Street
DY10 1HA

01562 732928

Email: Wyre Forest Customer Services

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri: 08:30am – 5:00pm
Wed: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Not Open at Weekends


Droitwich Community Contact Centre
Droitwich Library
Victoria Square

01386 565000

Email: Droitwich Contact Centre

Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Not open Tuesday, Thursday & Weekends
Pershore One Stop Shop
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
WR10 1PT

01386 565000

Email: Pershore OSS

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Not Open at Weekends

Evesham Community Contact Centre
Abbey Road
WR11 4SB

01386 443322

Email: Evesham contact centre

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Not open at Weekends


Malvern Hills District Council
Council House
Avenue Road
WR14 3AF

To pay in person with cash or card.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Not open at Weekends

Malvern Hills District Council - Hub
(To pay by card only by telephone)
Tel: 01684 862151

Worcester City

Worcester Customer Service Centre
89 High Street

(Switchboard) 01905 722233

Email: Worcester cc

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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