DSCN0268 Jellypicklejam

Another business in Wychavon – JellyPickleJam – has become the latest food establishment to achieve the Healthier Choices Food Award Gold Standard.

The Healthier Choices Food Award scheme, which is run by Worcestershire Regulatory Services, recognises Worcestershire food businesses who offer healthier eating options for adults as well as children, with a gold award for those who also use local food suppliers.

The award is also only open to those businesses that have the highest possible five-star food hygiene rating.

At JellyPickleJam they aim to inspire and show people how to make use of the natural resources people have available and also lend a hand in harvesting the produce.

As part of her Community Crop Scheme, Lisa Whelan, the owner of JellyPickleJam, uses the produce that local people have brought in or that her own team has harvested to make her soups, jams and pickles.

The harvested food is also used for customers that might have specific dietary needs for weight loss, gluten free or diabetic reasons, and at JellyPickleJam they adapt their meals and snacks specifically for these customers.

At the JellyPickleJam café – located at 16-17 Vine Mews in Evesham – afternoon tea is a deliberate mix of sweet and savoury items (soup, finger sandwiches and some cake) rather than just all cake. There is also the option to take any left over cake home and enjoy it another day, and a gluten free version of afternoon tea is also available.

A menu of healthier options includes jacket potatoes, homemade soup using fresh, seasonal and local vegetables, as well as salads. There are also sandwiches and a range of hot drinks to suit all tastes, including traditional tea or coffee. Lisa is also a member of the Transition Evesham Vale scheme, where 30% of the food has to be sourced within 30 miles of Evesham and Pershore.  

Lisa Whelan, the owner of JellyPickleJam, said: "Achieving the Healthier Choices Food Award is immensely important to us as it reinforces our ethos of being able to treat yourself whilst maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet, and our mission to reduce food waste and make the most of our local resources. As we make most of our food from scratch we're able to make these healthier changes and reduce food waste at the same time.”

Lisa added: “I believe that as food producers it's our responsibility to support wider food and nutrition initiatives that enable individuals to make their own choices, to take control of their eating habits, but also to have a little treat every now and again along the way. Eating out can still be pleasurable without the guilt and we're proud to be part of that experience."

Councillor Gerry O’Donnell, who is responsible for promoting health improvement across the Wychavon district, said: “Healthy eating plays an important role in healthy lifestyles and a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet – as well as regular, moderate physical activity – will help us live longer and improve our quality of life. We’re proud that Wychavon has more than its fair share of fantastic food establishments such as JellyPickleJam and that they’re giving people in the district such a wonderful and tantalising choice when it comes to healthy, fresh and varied food choices.”

For more information about JellyPickleJam and to see their menu and get details of their Community Crop Scheme, go to www.jellypicklejam.co.uk.

For full details of the Healthier Choices Food Award scheme go to www.worcsregservices.gov.uk/food.

Previous recipients from Wychavon of the Healthier Choices Food Award are Eckington Manor, Fusion Brasserie (Stoulton), Bridge Street Kitchen (Evesham) and The Angel Hotel (Pershore), The Potted Pantry and Word of Mouth Café.