Smokeless Zones

Were introduced in the 1970-80's for the purpose of minimising air pollution from the impact of coal burning in dense urban areas. Areas which are declared smoke free zones are Worcester City and parts of Kidderminster. Smoke control areas are not strictly smoke free but are specifically restricted in the types of fuel that can be burnt and the type of appliance it can be burned in.

Fireplaces and Stoves

Nearly all stoves sold in the UK today are DEFRA approved and compliant. With the exception of simple pot bellied stoves and single chamber incinerators. Open fires are not classified as appliances therefore all fuel burnt on a open fire in a smokeless zone must adhere to approved fuel types below. Gas and Oil Fired appliances (including boilers) are exempt from these controls.


Coal :

Anthracite, smokeless ovoids, imported Boiler Fuel coal, Welsh Steam Coal, Ecoal, etc. For a full comprehensive list of compliant coal fuel types please visit the Coal Federation's website.


Wood : 

Must be burnt in an 'approved appliance' however wood kindling is acceptable in open fires. Approved appliances are stoves/small wood incinerators that have been tested to comply with British standard PD 6434 and British Standard 3841 Part 2. As mentioned above the majority of modern appliances in the UK are compliant but if you would like to check yours then the list can be obtained from the DEFRA website.

Reducing Impact on Health and Air Quality

Defra have produced a series of guides to raise awareness of actions that householders can take to reduce their impact on their health and air quality from domestic burning. These include advice on choosing the right stove, using the right fuels, maintenance and Smoke Control Area Rules and can be accessed via the following links:

Further information is available from the following links:

Declared Smokeless Zones

Kidderminster Smokeless Zone Interactive Map

Worcester City Smokeless Zone Interactive Map

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